Running fitness what brand of Bluetooth headset is worth starting with?

22 February, 2022

            Running fitness what brand of Bluetooth headset is worth starting with?

With the advent of sports boom, the types of Bluetooth headsets have gradually increased. Sports Bluetooth headsets with wearing methods such as in ear, neck hanging, bone conduction and so on have appeared in the market. In addition to these, some international brands and domestic fashion brands have also launched sports Bluetooth headsets with their own characteristics, The cumbersome types and functions dazzle users who want to choose sports Bluetooth headsets. Today, let's talk about how to choose a sports Bluetooth headset suitable for you.
In ear:
This kind of sports Bluetooth headset has excellent sound insulation effect, with earplug covers of different sizes to ensure wearing comfort, more centralized control buttons and more convenient to carry. In addition, because many of these sports Bluetooth headsets are evolved from ordinary music headsets, their technology is more mature and the application of Bluetooth module is more perfect, It has brought better protection effect and more powerful technical application. It is a kind of sports Bluetooth headset product most loved by headset manufacturers.
Deficiency: however, due to the sound insulation effect is too good, some road conditions may be ignored.
Suitable for people: all kinds of people can choose their own in ear sports Bluetooth headset.
Bone conduction type:
This kind of Bluetooth headset has high security. For example, it does less damage to the eardrum, and its waterproof effect has also been valued by many manufacturers. When swimming, the traditional headset transmits sound through water and air, which will cause certain damage to the sound quality, while the bone conduction headset transmits sound directly through bones, which will get better sound quality than the traditional sports Bluetooth headset when swimming, This kind of sports headset has also become a necessary equipment for many professional swimmers during training.
Disadvantages: the sound quality of bone conduction headphones is really its biggest failure, and it can not change the biggest disadvantage of poor sound quality for a long time. The heavier features will also bring a strong sense of oppression when worn for a long time. Users who want to play with this kind of headphones can try it. If they want to choose a serious sports Bluetooth headset, Buy an ordinary sports Bluetooth headset.
Applicable crowd: users who like swimming and fashionable listening methods.
Hanging neck type:
The appearance design is a highlight of this kind of sports Bluetooth headset, which is relatively cheap, can meet the wearing and listening needs of entry-level users, and is more suitable for simple aerobic exercise.
Deficiency: there is a certain amount of wire, which is not suitable for rotation.
Applicable crowd: suitable for girls to choose to wear, suitable for gym sports.
RUSAM sports earbuds SAM20:

Unique ear clip wearing mode. Sam20 earphone is an air guided transmission mode and has an open audio experience. The appearance curve of the earphone fits the structure of the auricle, and the two ends are round spherical volume, which is well fixed on the auricle.
3. The weight of a single earphone is only 4.2g. It is relatively comfortable to wear and will not have an obvious sense of falling ears. When wearing the headset, it is directly clamped on the auricle, like an ornament. The position where one end of the inner side faces the ear canal is the sound outlet of the loudspeaker, and a touch operation unit is arranged on the outer structure of the auricle.
Due to the open use mode, the binaural canal is liberated. When wearing and using, the stethoscope effect of in ear headphones is effectively avoided, and the pressure of wearing the ear canal for a long time is also avoided. And the open listening mode can still easily obtain external information when listening to songs, and the music life is the same.
5. It adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth master chip and supports SBC and aac audio codec; With built-in microphone unit, clear call effect can be achieved.
The 6-ear clip type true wireless headset also supports IPx4 waterproof. The single life time of the headset is 3 hours, and the overall life time with the charging box is no less than 24 hours
Suitable crowd: all

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