TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset hidden cold knowledge

10 March, 2022

            TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset hidden cold knowledge

TWS Bluetooth headset
For non IT professionals, they want to choose Bluetooth headsets, but they are dazzled by the piles of data. Today, I will popularize various industry knowledge of TWS Bluetooth headsets.
TWS is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo. TWS realizes the real wireless separation of left and right channels of Bluetooth through Bluetooth wireless connection.
Here is a popular science about TWS Bluetooth headset

IP index level
IP = ingress protection
Ipx1-3: poor waterproof performance and can prevent slight water mist.
IPx4 grade: it can prevent splashing water droplets from entering.
Ipx5 grade: it can prevent sprayed water from entering and achieve daily waterproof.
Ipx6: it can completely prevent big waves from entering.
Ipx7-8: it can be completely soaked and waterproof.

Difference between Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth 5.0 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.2
(1) The transmission efficiency is increased by 2 times; Accelerate transmission speed, improve spectrum, significantly reduce power consumption and improve endurance.
(2) The transmission distance is 4 times that of Bluetooth 4.2.
(3) Lower power consumption, compatible with the old Bluetooth version.
(4) Bluetooth 4.2 is faster than Bluetooth 4.1.

About endurance
Generally, the battery life of wireless Bluetooth headset is 3-6 hours. With the charging box, it can be fully charged for 3-4 times. It is a reasonable battery life.

Noise reduction knowledge
Noise reduction index NRR is the abbreviation of neural regeneration research. The noise reduction value of earplugs is most often expressed by NRR, which is the noise attenuation level.
Active noise reduction belongs to hardware noise reduction. The principle is to use the circuit to pick up the surrounding environmental sound, and then transform it into an inverted sound signal and add it to the horn end. The sound presented to the human ear is environmental noise + inverted environmental noise. Intuitively, it feels that the noise has been reduced and the beneficiary is himself.
Another major noise reduction technology is software noise reduction, also known as CVC noise reduction. It is the software noise reduction technology of CSR chip. It only works when making a phone call. With this technology, the noise of the surrounding environment can be attenuated, and the other party will be able to hear clearer sound.
At present, the effect of TWS headphones that can actively reduce noise on the market is general. Friends who need noise reduction can buy special sports Bluetooth headphones and special noise reduction headphones.

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