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“That was a sunny day in 2006,I was shocked to see an earbud connected with a bluetooth device without cable!That was amazing!I am so sure that youths will love that as no one can refuse such a stylish, portable, clear sound quality headset!”Said our company founder.Thanks for his insistence,over 16 years,TaiYin are still on the way for one thing ---clearer voice,faster connection,higher quality,just like the spirits of the Olympic games:higher,faster and stronger!Through these years,we have got countless awards.13 April 2015,we exhibited our first TWS earphones in Hong kong,this surprised not only the foreigners present but also the whole TWS business,these earsets brought inspiration to them including a well known brand which published their own products the second year!That was our proud!In 2018 we created a series of someone TWS earphones which were sold No.1 on line!“More clearer,more faster,more cheaper!!!”He says,“Concentrate more!Then you will bring customers satisfied products!”Only concentrations can help you understand a product thoroughly, only whole-hearted work can help you create products suitable for the market, and only professional technology can provide users with satisfactory products. We will carry forward these spirits and provide satisfactory products for more customers both at home and abroad.

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Our brand and mission

We consider our brand as a child,we gave him a name RUSAM just like “RUN SAM”,we hope he can carry on our spirit.linked to such a powerful mother,RUSAM poured to“Innovation,transcendence,efficiency”.Come on,RUSUM,“RUN BOY”,“RUN,RUSAM!”

All years we bring customers satisfied products!We are always there,on the way to make more clearer,faster and cheaper products as we can.Years past,beautiful face faded,we still concentrate on developing more professional products to come up with customers.We are all working to help our customers to save money but excellent products.

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