How to choose Bluetooth headset? Don't be fooled. These three points are very important

16 February, 2022

            How to choose Bluetooth headset? Don't be fooled. These three points are very important

With the maturity of Bluetooth chip, more and more people begin to choose to use real wireless Bluetooth headset instead of wired headset. There are many advantages of Bluetooth headset, which will not be described in detail here. This time, let's discuss which Bluetooth headset to choose at the same price? I will focus on three points:

The connection should be fast and the process should be stable. No one wants to hear the harsh sound of "Yiyi" in the process of listening to songs and watching videos. The sound quality should be as good as possible, because the cost of some headphones is there, so it can't be compared with the sound quality of wired headphones. Low delay. Especially when you buy and play competitive games, you must communicate with your teammates in time, otherwise the sense of experience will be very bad. 

Connection stability 

Many people will "cut off" when using Bluetooth headset, which is the performance that the headset connection is not stable enough. Most of them are caused by signal interference or object obstruction during the use of headphones. For example, some metal objects will affect the connection of headphones.

How to solve it? Choose a Bluetooth headset with stronger anti-interference performance.

We all know that the current mainstream Bluetooth headset is divided into Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0. Compared with 4.2, the biggest advantage of 5.0 is anti-interference ability. Bluetooth 5.0 not only enhances anti-interference, but also greatly reduces power consumption. 

Although the Bluetooth 5.0 headset is best used with a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth 5.0, I still suggest that you try to buy Bluetooth 5.0 headset for any mobile phone. Because the Bluetooth version is downward compatible, no matter what version of Bluetooth your mobile phone can use.

Sound quality and sense of hearing 

Too professional knowledge is difficult to explain clearly. Here we mainly talk about one of the factors affecting sound quality: the loss of music during transmission. 

Audio files are transmitted through Bluetooth, and one of the media is audio chip. 

As for how audio files are transmitted through the chip, you can take a simple example - Yugong needs to move the mountain from point a to point B. moving the whole mountain directly must be unrealistic and not so strong. The ultimate goal can only be achieved by transporting soil a little. However, compared with Yugong Yishan, the speed of audio coding is very fast. 

Different coding methods will not only affect the sound quality of the headset, but also have something to do with the delay. 

At present, the mainstream coding methods include SBC (the most common), AAC, aptx, LDAC and Hwa.

If you have the ultimate pursuit of sound quality, I recommend LDAC and Hwa coding, both of which support transmission of lossless sound quality. Of course, the price may exceed your budget.


Compared with AAC, aptx coding has been further improved, and Qualcomm has reduced the delay of the game in the subsequent upgraded version of aptx ll coding. 

Factors determining delay 

There are four decisive factors for the delay of Bluetooth headset: the coding mode of Bluetooth audio, the coding performance of mobile phone chip, the interference factors in Bluetooth transmission process, and the decoding chip of headset. 

The encoding method of aptx has the lowest delay, that is, the headset with Qualcomm chip. You can learn about it in advance when selecting the headset. 

Another cold knowledge is that since Bluetooth transmission is in the 2.4GHz band, the 2.4GHz WiFi on the mobile terminal will also interfere with Bluetooth transmission. It is suggested that you can switch the mobile network or 5g band WiFi when playing games. 

The other two factors are difficult to avoid. I won't talk about them here. 

In addition to the three important points above, appearance and endurance are also very important. At the same time, choosing a reliable brand will save you a lot of worry. For example, ugreen green link, an accessory brand I trust, is about to launch a TWS Bluetooth headset. It is said that it has high appearance value, long endurance and good sound quality. You can pay attention to it.

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